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2014 Fall & Winter Fashion Preview - Thecornernews.com: Features

The big thing is sweaters right now, she said. That's what's on our displays right now and what we can't keep on our displays right now. Any kind of sweater that's got something cute going on, whether it's a cute print or a fringe, fringe is huge of course, anything that's just the big, oversized sweater that you can pair with the leggings and even the layering with the cute infinity scarves still on top of that in different prints. Sweaters also translate to dresses. Sweater dresses or anything that you can layer with leggings and boots are big, Money added. Also, anything with flare, even if it's still the summer dresses with the flare, you can layer with them rather than having to put them away for the fall. You can put a cute, heavy sweater over it and then an infinity scarf with that and then put your boots with it and extend some of those dresses for the season. As far as coats go, a more vintage look is in style. Coats are having more of a vintage look with a boxy feel, Surrency said.
Source: http://www.thecornernews.com/news/features/article_ce245a32-6530-11e4-a0f9-001a4bcf6878.html

Stella McCartney launches exclusive Brazil range - Yahoo News

Spain's Zara, the reference in the fast-fashion world, has already set up shop in pastry shoes Brazil with great success. Others like Sweden's H&M -- one of the pioneers of special collections with top-name designers -- are scheduled to make the move in 2015. "Brazil is a huge market, but one that is essentially geared towards the mass market. We are betting on the future by setting up here," a spokesman for one Italian luxury brand told AFP on condition of anonymity. London-based consultancy Euromonitor calculates that sales of clothing and shoes ballooned by 62 percent in Brazil between 2008 and 2013, and predicts a further rise of 20 percent for 2013-2018. "Even if the economy is stagnant, Brazil has economic pulling-power plus very favorable growth in the fashion business," Luciane Robic, an expert at the Brazilian Institute of Fashion, told AFP.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/mccartney-versace-bank-fast-fashion-brazil-095516809.html

McCartney, Versace bank on 'fast fashion' in Brazil - Yahoo News

Through color, texture, silhouette,and form. I wanted to express each country's unique characteristics and originality,"said Mayen. Through her support of the last four years, Mayen has visited HALO orphanages in Uganda, Gulu, Jaipur, Mumbai and her family's native country of Guatemala. Texas native and Cleveland transplant, Mayen first grabbed our attention in 2010 as a design contestant on "Project Runway: Season 8." She quickly became a fan favorite and after the show her business took off. Inspired by Cleveland, she opened Yellowcake Shop in Gordon Square at 6500 Detroit Avenue in 2011. She creates locally made, unique and contemporary clothing for women and children. Mayen has become well known for her bold designs that pay great attention to detail and have a fun and sophisticated edge.
Source: http://www.cleveland.com/style/index.ssf/2014/11/valerie_mayens_yellowcake_shop.html

Valerie Mayen's Yellowcake Shop presents Hullabaloo fashion event, Mayen featured in Faber-Castell video | cleveland.com

"So for me, when I went into fashion, I wanted to be responsible, and have a different take on luxury fashion, where I would not work with fur or leather," said McCartney, adding she wanted her collection to be affordable options for the buying public at large. "I try to approach what I do in fashion in a sustainable and a responsible way, so not only in the materials that I use, but the way that I source and manufacture my product," she said of a range priced between $35 and $150 and made from fabrics including cotton, viscose, lame and lace. Working on collaborations such as her current one with the C&A chain meant "pausing fast-fashion, just slowing it down for a moment, so that the consumer who maybe can't afford our clothes can come and have a different experience with C&A." McCartney said she saw her range as "quite timeless, so it's fast-fashion -- but it's meeting luxury in a way that you will have these garments, I hope, in the way they're designed, in the way which we've sourced the highest (quality) materials we could with C&A. "I think what we have done here is a good example of what we can do with fast fashion. I think they will last you longer than normal fast-fashion," said McCartney, adding she was "emotionally attached to everything I create." She told reporters fashion was "not just about luxury," hence her collaboration with a high street store. "I also worked with a lot of sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics in this collaboration, so for me, it's about doing fast-fashion in a way that just slows it down a little bit," McCartney explained. "C&A is an incredible brand.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/stella-mccartney-launches-exclusive-brazil-range-080854974.html

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