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Fashion Column Twins: With New Year's Eve Dresses, Go Big Or Stay Home / Ljworld.com

Fashion Nail Salon Download | ZDNet

Also bring the flare with a patterned approach! Bring Out The BlingWhat better way to show off your nails, than by accessorizing with beautiful jewellery. Choose from bracelets, rings, and other jewels that will sparkle when the light hit it. Its All About The SkinTo make it feel more like you, change the skin color of the hands to best suit your skin tone so it feels like you are really getting your nails done!Whats Inside Fashion Nail Salon?52 different nail colors including patterns6 choices of nail lengths5 skin tone colors6 jewellery wrist bracelets and rings20 jewelled accessories Fashion Nail Salon FeaturesCut your nails to length ready for coloring. Color your nails so they are fashionable and unique. Add the bling to compliment your nails ready for showing off to the cameras.
Source: http://downloads.zdnet.com/product/2099-76177530/

that morning. A spokesperson said they starting getting busy around 10a.m. and were been busting at the seams all day. A store manager said they were much busier than expected and even saw a bigger crowd than last year. Some shoppers said they just didn't have enough time to get their shopping done before today. Others said it's the rush they love. But even with all the craziness, last minute shoppers said they were surprised with how easy it was to get around.
Source: http://www.yourcentralvalley.com/story/d/story/shoppers-hit-fashion-fair-mall-for-last-minute-gif/96591/tOhYtsplR0G7aep2KhBQ0Q

Shoppers Hit Fashion Fair Mall For Last Minute Gifts - YCV

I opted for a simple little black dress with lace detail and an embellished belt that ties in the back. Like Emilys dress, its perfect for New Years Eve and can also be worn throughout the year. I love the style of this little black dress, and the neckline allows me to wear a chunky statement necklace. We are always looking for sequins, glitter and statement accessories to go alongside our dresses, and I love shiny and sparkly jewelry this time of year. We shag hairstyles believe New Years is the time to go big, so dont skimp on the jewelry because you want it to really pop! When picking out another dress option, we both chose dresses with gold and black sequins.
Source: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2014/dec/25/fashion-column-twins-new-years-eve-dresses-go-big-/

Chanel Model Gaspard Ulliel Hates to Shop - Yahoo News

Having Aranda back should help, too, after the Badgers defense spent much of the season as the top-ranked unit in the country. ''They can make one call, and I told (the assistants) to save that call for Paul,'' Alvarez said. ''We've been working those commits. ''When he gets on the phone, I think we'll be in good shape.'' The immediate priority is preparing for Auburn. Just like for the Rose Bowl two years ago against Oregon, Alvarez is leading the team while a new coach waits in the background. The Badgers lost to Oregon 45-38. Alvarez still has some regrets about how he coached the game, especially when it comes to play-calling.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/no-17-wisconsin-hopes-program-back-steady-ground-075035628--ncaaf.html

No. 17 Wisconsin hopes program back on steady ground - Yahoo Sports

It's partially because the actor doesn't have a television and shies away from social media, preferring to spend time with friends or playing sports. "Sometimes I feel like I'm an old person. I miss a lot that people seem to know so much about. I'm a bit scared of this Internet thing, this social network thing. I can understand why it is appealing, but for me it's just scary," he says of his decision to stay off Facebook and Twitter. "At some point you feel like you're outside of reality because it's just becoming something so normal. People who don't have Twitter or Facebook, it's like they're considered a sociopath!" Ulliel sees the benefits for film or personal promotion his Chanel Bleu commercial, directed by Martin Scorcese, got huge shares on social media around the world.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/chanel-model-gaspard-ulliel-hates-shop-160005127.html

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